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GOST R Certification

The certification and testing centre "TestExpert" specializes in certification of load-lifting, transport, construction, road machinery and equipment.

The area of accreditation of our certification centre and testing laboratory includes the following products: mobile cranes, crawler cranes, trailed cranes), pipe layers, manipulators, loaders, construction hoists, work lifting platforms, excavators and changeable equipment, spare parts, bulldozers, rollers and sealing machines, etc.

In general, the certification procedure includes the submission of an application for certification, its consideration, the choice of a certification scheme, the choice of a test laboratory for onsite testing and analysis of production, the analysis of all documents, permits the preparation, execution and registration of the certificate of conformity. Production of certified, labeled set a mark of conformity.

Our experts take part in the preliminary, acceptance, typical, periodic tests (optional), perform tests for certification and ergonomic tests for hygienic conclusions (hygienic certificates).

Also we perform a complex of works on obtaining permissions of application of lifting equipment as a part of certification.

Why is GOST R certification necessary?

Usually Certificate is necessary for two cases:

Customs house

Realization of products at Russian market

The Law on Certification of Products and Services stipulates two types of certification - mandatory and voluntary certification. The Law on Protection of Rights of Consumers and the Law on Standardization regulate mandatory certification process and identify products that are subject to this type of certification.

According to the order of the State Customs Committee of Russia from 01.10.2000, production of foreign manufacturers imported in the country should respond the national quality standards, therefore is the subject to certification.

Certification GOST R may be carried out concerning the goods or industrial activity of the firm. The goods, past process of certification and received certificate of conformity GOST by results of expertise, do not meet any difficulties at registration of customs documents.

That is why Russian export companies and organizations cannot work with non-certified products.